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  • January 31, 2023
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Bridget Shighadi forced to address Pregnancy rumors

Bridget Shighadi forced to address Pregnancy rumors

Maria actress, Bridget Shighadi has denied reports that she is expecting another baby after a number of fans reached out to her whether she is pregnant.

Taking to her Insta-stories, Bridget made it clear that she is not pregnant but only gained some weight.

The story on whether Ms Shighadi is pregnant or not was brought up by a photo she put up with a seemingly protruding stomach leading to a some of her Insta-followers to conclude that she was pregnant.


“You have grown thick,” commented one of her fans.

“Oh yes! But wanna cut again, people thinking am pregnant”, Ms shighadi said.

Shighadi and Nick Mutuma have been together for some years now and they got their first born daughter Dua, in February 2018.

However, Late last year on September, Shighadi and Nick Mutuma decided to go an extra mile to show their social media followers how they are bringing up their little daughter Dua with Love.

Despite being public figures, the couple always share their progresses in life with fans on social media, but hardly open up on their love life.


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