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  • January 31, 2023
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Jalas: She Was The One Paying Bills But Decided to Break Up With Me.

Jalas: She Was The One Paying Bills But Decided to Break Up With Me.

Kiss FM presenter Felix Odiwuor commonly known as Jalang’o has opened up on a heart break which  left him distressed some years back.

Speaking with a local station during their morning radio show, the Morning Kiss at Kiss 100 Kenya,  Jalang’o said that he is a victim of an amicable break up.

Jalang’o had fell in love with the lady in question, but they could not rhyme due to their class differences.

The lady took him on a date, where he broke the news to him and bought him alcohol. He left Jalang’o at the restaurant, drunk, prompting him to open an email address out of the stupor.

“I have ever been told that by a woman that i loved so much.  she asked me where i lived, i told her Mwiki. She said she has never been to Mwiki, she does not know mwiki and will never ever go to mwiki,” Jalang’o recalled.

“She told me ‘to reduce your headache and pain, as much as i like you and would have wanted us to work out something, we don’t relate anywhere. We have nothing in common. When we are together there is nothing common we will talk about. I dont want to be in a situation where am talking about things that you don’t know’.

She released me to go and find my soulmate, whom i can relate with. She was the one paying bills, i was financially embarrassed at that time. Only to seat down and break up with me. But i accepted.

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