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  • January 31, 2023
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Jemutai’s latest video raises eyebrows

Jemutai’s latest video raises eyebrows

Kenyan Comedienne Jemutai was at the coast having a good time with her partner Professor Hamo over the weekend.

In a video shared on their official instagram accounts, the couple were having a stay-cation alone without their two children.

The couple was singing to a song alongside the beach.

“We’re set to perform for our kids kesho Nairobi so let’s just haribika leo,” Professor Hamo captioned.

The video has raised eyebrows from their fans, with a number of them suggesting that Jemutai could be pregnant with her third baby.


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In the comment section, fans congratulated Jemutai with others showing concern about what it means for the couple’s relationship.

After a publicized disagreement in May, Jemutai accused Hamo of being an irresponsible father to their two children.

In one of her interactions with her fans then, the comedienne said she is not planning to get another baby.

Later on, after the two buried their hatchet, Jemutai acknowledged that children are blessings, and she wouldn’t mind raising another one.

However, the couple has not announced the pregnancy. The latest look could be just a sign that Jemutai has added some weight.

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