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  • December 10, 2022
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Kiss FM’s Kamene Goro Is Looking For a Stable and Smart Man

Kiss FM’s Kamene Goro Is Looking For a Stable and Smart Man

Kamene Goro and Jalang’o were at war on Friday morning during the Breakfast show at Kenya’s number one hit music station Kiss Fm. 

Most people and many researchers will say that women of this generation are likely looking for men with money. This can be considered as true because after all, who wants a miserable life when money can buy a good one?

Well, Kamene happens to support that narrative and quite a number of females will support her on this.

Speaking during her morning show with Jalas, Kamene who always keep her relationship private, today opened up to discuss some of the qualities she looks for in a man though she considers herself as an independent woman.

Kamene Goro says she wants a man who is more financially stable than she is. This is because she can be able to run things smoothly including her own lifestyle (Her Kilimani apartment and self owned cars.)

I feel like this is the problem. Men have an issue with women who want to secure the bag and build a future and by extension for you too. You say you want someone who has established herself and one who adds value to the relationship and here I am but you do not want me to do it asking me at 9pm who am I talking to? I am trying to make that money

We can conclude that any man looking for Kamene’s attention should be more stable enough to own a home or homes with a fleet of cars with forgetting businesses and must be smart.

Here is a detailed video with more information, courtesy of Kiss FM-Youtube.

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