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  • December 10, 2022
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Robert Burale: I slept with very many women while in the UK

Robert Burale: I slept with very many women while in the UK

Stylish Kenyan pastor, Robert Burale, has said dating multiple women made him feel filthy and empty.

At the time he was living in the United Kingdom where he had gone to study.

Speaking during a segment on Switch TV alongside Miss Tamima, the father of one shared,

“When studying in the UK, I had very many women.

The more women I had the filthier and emptier I felt. I slept around and it did not make me any better.

During that time my life was a mess.

Now It’s not that I am not sleeping around because I do not have offers. I have news for you. I get offers like malaria tablets 3 times a day.

But my values will not allow me to. Because every time you sleep with someone you release very negative things.”

His advice to young women

“The more people you are sleeping around with the less value you have.

As long as he is sleeping with you he is sleeping with 20 others. 

So don’t get annoyed when you get SMs, you might as well be number 16.”

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