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  • January 31, 2023
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Sarah Wairimu Cohen Visits her Late Husband’s Grave

Sarah Wairimu Cohen Visits her Late Husband’s Grave

On Thursday 30th June, 2022 Sarah Wairimu Cohen made a visit to the tomb of her late husband, the Late Tob Cohen.

Wairimu made the visit before returning to her upcountry home following the adjournment of her High Court succession case to October 2022.

She is facing murder charges following the death of Cohen whose body was discovered in a septic tank in their compound in the couple’s Kitisuru home. He was 71.

Sarah was immediately arrested and later charged with the murder which she denied and was freed on bond as she battles to clear her name.

Cohen had lived in Kenya for 32 years.

During the court hearing the court was told that there are three Wills being disputed, two have been presented by Sarah and one presented by Gabriele.

In the first Will, the late Cohen allegedly gave all his property to his wife Sarah Wairimu and stated that in case Wairimu dies their only daughter Renee should inherit.

In 2018, Cohen amended the Will and put his brother and sister as executors with Sarah inheriting shares at this company, bank balances but their property along Farasi Lane was to be divided four times between Sarah, his daughter, nephew and niece.

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