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  • December 10, 2022
  • Last Update July 1, 2022 11:51 am
  • Nairobi

Tahidi High‘s Omosh Gifted a Land, Appreciates Kenyans

Tahidi High‘s Omosh Gifted a Land, Appreciates Kenyans

If the recent turn of events are anything to go by, the days of sorrow for  Peter Kinuthia aka Omosh may as well be over.

It started with the heartbreaking story of his financial struggles shared by media outlets, followed by the social media influencer Jalang’o promising to help raise KSh 1 million for the father of five.

Things were set to get better as Zero Properties Limited, a real estate company, decided to give him a Valentines’ day with a difference.

Staff from the company not only spent the day with him, but also extended a parcel of land to the TV star, complete with a title deed.

Omosh has been working with the real estate company in creating content for their commercials as well as hosting their events.

“We decided to be part of the solution and presented our brother with a 40 by 80 plot in Malaa worth Ksh. 500,000 free of charge. Our mission is to help settle 1,000,000 families and we are glad to help Omosh start on his homeownership journey,” read the statement.

However, The former Tahidi High actor posted a message of appreciation to Kenyans who came out to his rescue after his heartbreaking story went viral.

In a video shared on his Instagram account, Omosh mentioned that he is grateful for the support Kenyans have shown; singling out Jalang’o who has already raised over Sh1 million for him.

“First and foremost, I want to Thank God. Yeye ndo Kila Kitu…I know there are people out there, hata wengine mko diaspora, story yangu iliwatouch and you have been sending something on M-Pesa. I really want to thank you.

Jalang’o I lso want to thank you. Thinking of how you can help me, hiyo heart God amekupatia azikukuongezea. God will expand your territories. To all my friends wale wanaendele kunisaidia, I really don’t know how to thank you all. Nilikuwa situation ingine mbaya sana but at least now I can afford a smile. Although mnaona sai nalia but this are tears of joy and happiness.


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A post shared by Omosh Kizangila (@omoshkizangila)

I never knew I had so many friends, althrough others wanaongea vibaya kunihusu…but sasa kama singeongea mngenisaidia. Thank you so much and God bless you,” said Omosh.

Adding; “I am with tears of Happiness. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who is supporting me. I am with tears of Joy and I don’t take it for granted. May God in heaven bless you and your families. May He fulfill your dreams. Mbarikiwe sana.

“Thank you zerohero properties for giving me a piece of land @zeroheropropertiesltd I thank God I now have a land I can call mine. This is one of the best present I have ever received. I am so humbled. manze nashukuru God sana.


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A post shared by Omosh Kizangila (@omoshkizangila)

Thanks to everyone who is Supporting. All glory to God”

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