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  • December 10, 2022
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Tahidi High’s Omosh Is Broke, Cries For Any Casual Job

Tahidi High’s Omosh Is Broke, Cries For Any Casual Job

For close to 14 years, actor Kamau Kinuthia entertained many on Citizen TV’s Tahidi High as Omosh. However, for everything that has a beginning has an ending, the show came to an end and since, everybody has been pursuing their own path. Omosh’s path, it appears, is not as rosy as we would have expected it.

During an exclusive interview he gave to a YouTube blogger, Omosh intimated that when Tahidi High came to an end he also saw the end of his daily bread and didn’t know what to do.

Besides Tahidi High, Omosh was also a motivational speaker who toured schools but due to the Covid-19, both were closed down. Since then, he’s had a difficult time in fending for his family of six. He claimed that in the past year, he’s depended on the goodwill of his friends and neighbors.

“Natokanga kwa nyumba, nang’ara na hakuna mahali naenda. Natembea tu kwa barabara nikilia. Wee unaangalia hii ni house rent, an (sic) year sijawahi lipa. Unaangalia ile food watoi wanadai, sina anything ya kuwapatia,” Omosh said with tears rolling down his cheeks.

Omosh at one time had become alcoholic but went into rehab tho it’s said that he might have backslid. Omosh is a maternal Uncle to Machachari’s Baha. Here is the rest of the interview;

After the interview went viral many celebrities pledged to come to his aid, with comedian Jalang’o pledging to raise Sh1m for him.

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