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  • January 31, 2023
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‘Tuwache Ujinga!’ King Kaka Blasts Fans For Bodyshaming Plus-sized Video Vixens

‘Tuwache Ujinga!’ King Kaka Blasts Fans For Bodyshaming Plus-sized Video Vixens

Rapper Kennedy Ombima alias King Kaka is not a happy man. The Dundaing hitmaker is furious at people bodyshaming the vixens he’s used in his latest video.

In his latest Utanipata music video in which he features Kristoff, King Kaka has mainly used plus-sized women as video vixens. The rapper took to his social media to blast people for body-shaming the vixens.

Let me be honest this morning. I chose to put plus size women in the ‘Utanipata’ video because they are part of our society, they are our friends , our sisters ,our girlfriends , our mothers. So why shouldn’t they be in a music video ?? Why??? Tuwache ujinga. I have seen some characters attack them for their weight, Ati why are they there? The moment we realize that we are all equal and humans then everything will make sense. You might never know what someone is going through and what the effects might be.
Link on Bio. Stop body shaming , Tuwache siasa na Ujinga.

Some fans however pointed out that King Kaka was using that as a strategy to trend his song whih is at 82K views after four days of release.

So who is fooling who? Here is the music video.


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